Student Affairs


It is with no controversy that the office of the Vice-Chancellor is the primary advocate for student affairs in the University system and expectedly requires providing services and activities which strengthen student learning, administering student code of conduct, and adjudicate complaints filed under the code of conduct and proffer solutions.

The enormity of these activities and the dare need to deliver promptly gave birth to one of the most dynamic unit/ directorate in the University system. The Directorate of the Student Affairs Office, an organ of the Vice Chancellor’s Office was commissioned and saddled with the above responsibilities on behalf of the vice-chancellor through the Dean of Student Affairs with feedback through constant reports.


  1. Support Institution Vision and Mission      
  • Subscribe to, support, and explain the values, mission, and policies of the OUI
  • Serve as an Integra part of the OUI structure
  1. Educational Equity       
  • Play an important role in improving access, retention, and graduation of students from noble backgrounds.
  • Ensure that student services and personal development meet the needs of the full range of OUI students.
  • Promote and support the diverse needs of students.

3. College and Academic Affairs Collaboration 

  • Assist colleges in their work with students by providing consultation and intervention when request.
  • Serve as a resource for colleges in their work with individual students and student groups.
  • Support colleges in their teaching, advising, and mentoring roles in and out of the classroom.

4. Campus Learning Environment

  • The unit creates a collaborative environment that emphasizes the personal and solid as well as intellectual development of students.
  • Encourage the development of rich and diverse campus learning communities for students.
  • Establish policies and programmes that contribute to a safe and secure campus
  • Identify potential problem areas of students and develop suitable institutional responses.
  • Encourage unity participation in our classroom activities for students

5. Student Services and Programmes

  • Provide a broad array of support systems (academic support, counseling, housing, and driving services, judicial services, health services, academic recognition activities, student activities and programming, recreation, student leadership, and support services for students with disabilities) and activities that contribute to the general welfare of the campus community
  • Through collaboration, student affairs staff members coordinate the functions and programmes of student affairs with academic affairs, administrative affairs, and university relations to provide programmes and services which assist students in reaching their academic and personal goals.
  • The good stewards of physical and fiscal resources for which student affairs are responsible
  • Adhere to high ethical and professional standards in the discharge of one”s responsibilities


  1. Programme Enhancement:- Engaging appropriate level of staff that can protect and enhance the student affairs committee to quality services
  2. Building the Future:- Expanding and improving physical facilities in response to the demand for expanded space
  3. Campus Life:- Continuing to provide students with odorant and dynamic student activities, programmes, and events
  4. Student success:- Developing a strategic, data-driven, retention model with academic affairs to achieve the retention rate through retained data
  5. Global campus climate:- Internationalizing the campus in preparing OUI students for a more global society.
  6. Professional Enhancement:- Providing staff with opportunities to include establishing and developing a college of a student personnel programme with academic affairs

How Directorate of Student Affairs achieves its thematic goals

The Student Affairs office creates the culture by developing a campus climate in which students feel they are the focus. The following segmented approaches are usually applied:


  1. Student center:-  Student practices, procedures and processes will reflect student needs
  2. Student-friendly:- Student Affairs Office assists students by developing personal relationships and by supporting students as mentors, advocates, and friendly
  3. Student-focused :- Student Affairs Office creates a climate in which services are provided courteously and professionally and provides students with current, complete, and accurate information
  4. Student caring:- Student affairs adhere strictly to the ‘we care’ philosophy that reflects a sense of student importance and creates an environment in which all students feel supported a comfortable.
  5. Student pride:- Student affairs assist students in developing respect for themselves and others teaches students to recognize their responsibilities and encourages them to achieve high standards of academic performance and personal behaviour.


The Directorate of Student Affairs is guided by the Five “C’S” to achieve its set goals.

  1. Collaboration :- Student Affairs of OUI collaborate whenever it is useful to do so. Collaboration among student affairs units with other units, particularly academic affairs.
  2. Coordination :- Student Affairs staff members strive to coordinate their planning and services with other staff members who may be assisting or supporting efforts to deliver programmes, activities, and services within and outside the university environment
  3. Cooperation:- Student affairs unit works with all sections and units within the university to assist students in achieving their academic and professional goals. The corporation is highly valued and often sought.
  4. Communication:- Student Affairs staff members use effective communication skills when conveying messages to faculty staff and students. Staff members have a special responsibility to convey messages to students which develop trust, empathy, and patience.
  5. Collegiality:- Student Affairs staff,6 work to support and encourage college and staff in their common purpose of assisting students to grow and develop in their chosen field. 


Team spirit must be built among the student affairs staff to serve students, individually and collectively by achieving the following tenets.

Teaching: we teach students about many challenges of life.

Education: we educate students about the world around them.

Advise: we advise students on personal, academic, and administrative matters.

Mentor: we mentor students by serving as role models.

Available centers for student activities

The followings centers are provided to enhance the personal, group, and professional development in OUI

  1. Recreational    

Example are:

  • International Sports
  • Fitness Programmes
  • Health and Wellness Programmes
  • Special event. Etc.

2. Career Development  

Examples are:

  • Career talks/workshops
  • Mock Networking event
  • Professional Associations
  • Employer Connections
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Use of Social Media Professionally

3. Counselling

Examples of these services:

  • Sexual Assault prevention education
  • Alcohol and Drug prevention education
  • Maintaining Government Grant Funding
  • Wellness Event Planning 

4. Counselling 

services in this group include

  • Service to individual
  • Service to the group

5. Disability Support

Priority for disabled students in the following areas:

  • Registration
  • Accommodation
  • Time Management
  • Examination
  • Study Skill Development. Etc.

6. Cultural and Social            

  • Civil Engagement and social justices
  • Leadership Development
  • Programs and Events Development
  • Compare programmers and activities  

7. Fresh Students Development

  • The fresh students’ needs the following information
  • Welcome and information service.
  • Banking service
  • University environment
  • Library
  • Cafeteria Etc.

8. Accommodation    

  • Accommodation information by Hostel Accommodation Committee.