Oduduwa University Institute of Sports is committed to developing young talents  in different Sporting activities by organizing both intra moral and extra moral games like inter- Collegiate Sports championships, Vice Chancellors cup, inter University friendly matches, Sports week etc.

Our outstanding performances and records in Sporting activities led to our first invitation to participate in the 26th Edition of Nigeria University Games (NUGA) in 2022.

 In preparation for the Nigeria Private University Games (NPUGA), we have played several friendly matches which has helped us develop athletes and get them prepared for the success ahead.

To celebrate our students participating in Sporting activities both male and female, we do organize Sports Award ceremony where we award students that have done well representing the school both the graduating and non-graduating students

In other to familiarize both the staff and the students of the institution together outside academics, the institute of Sports do organize sporting events where staff and students play with each other and create a friendly  avenue for them to interact without  fear of victimization

Oduduwa University Institute of Sports have a collaboration with Professional squatting representatives that promote our students that are doing well in Sporting events by selecting and presenting them for screenings that will give them the opportunity to trade their Sporting career both within and outside the country In different Sports which we already have some students that have benefitted  from this opportunity. Some of them are: Adegoke Qarma Wale, Ajetumobi faruk, Joshua Evans precious, Ali mngusuur Annabel and others.

In other to promote the fitness and wellness of our students to withstand  the daily challenges of moving up and down for classes, both morning and evening aerobic exercises is  organized for all interested students on selected days of the week and weekends.

Oduduwa University is one of the leading private Universities in Sporting activities in Nigeria and we will continue to do more to sustain our rank and to advance ahead of other Universities.

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God bless Oduduwa University

God bless the Institute of Sports

God bless Nigeria


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