Guiding Philosophy

The vision of the University is “to provide a well – balanced education without discrimination, for the production of versatile graduates with capacity for entrepreneurship for the development of the nation.”

The mission of the University is “to create a learning environment for students as well as to cultivate and nurture the qualities of human beings with a view to contributing towards meeting the economic, scientific and technological needs of humanity.”

The philosophy of the University is the technological growth and development of man in the society with a view to becoming self-reliant so that individuals can contribute to the advancement of the nation in particular and the world in general.

To produce qualified and high-level manpower through training and to ensure that students go through programmes of self-developmental education which are competitive and international in content.

(i) To provide equal opportunity to all qualified students for quality education in technology.
(ii) To carry out research that can engender effective and efficient use of our natural resources for the benefit of mankind.
(iii) To provide new career opportunities for young people. 
(iv) To produce graduates of international standard. 
(v) To strive to replace imported technology with local technology and thus make Nigeria technologically the leading nation in Africa.
(vi) To enhance the development of sound moral values which have been seriously impaired and dented in most existing institutions of higher learning and by so doing eliminate students’ unrest, vandalism, and cultism.