Student Affairs

I. Any student of this University who has a grievance of any kind, for instance in respect of inadequate attention, maltreatment, victimization etc. should refer the matter to the office of the Registrar or the Head of Department as the case may be for consideration and appropriate action.
II.  In respect of any academic matter, a student’s complaint should first be lodged with the appropriate Head of Department. The complaint can thereafter be referred to the Office of the Registrar for resolution.
III. In respect of any other form of grievance, it must be lodged first with the appropriate Head who may refer it to the Vice-Chancellor for resolution as the case may be. If the case demands disciplinary actions, it will be referred to the Students Disciplinary Committee for appropriate action.

It shall be regarded as misconducts on the part of any student who communicates with any external body on a complaint being looked into by the University or its agents through the laid down procedure. A breach of this regulation shall be regarded as an act of misconduct and shall be dealt with accordingly.

As a means of promoting academic, social and cultural awareness. The University shall encourage students of the Institution who desire to organize themselves into various social, cultural and recreational organizations. Such organizations should cater for a variety of interests and serve as a forum through which students may manifest their feelings and attitude and seek relief from purely academic rigors and stress.

As a rule, Oduduwa University shall not recognize any student organization whose membership discriminates on account of sex and religion. Students’ organizations must meet the following conditions before being recognized by the University.
i. Intent to pursue activities, which are consistent with educational and established policies of the University  
ii. Involvement of members of staff either as patrons or advisers. Such staff members, after having consented, should contact the Registrar through the Students Affairs Officer and furnish him with relevant documents such as the constitution and objectives of the club or association.
iii. Statements of financial support and source commensurate with activities to be undertaken.
iv. Numbers and names of students, including-their schools/departments, interested in becoming members of the approved organizations to be filed with the Registrar.

Recognized students’ organizations are entitled to the following privileges: 
The use of University facilities subject to payment of appropriate fees if any, as well as in keeping with the scheduling and booking regulations and procedures governing the use of such facilities.

Counseling services:  
Personal counseling can help individuals deal more effectively with emotional and social concerns. Individual and group approaches are used in providing counseling

Career Counseling
Educational and career counseling involves learning to plan wisely, handle difficulties and make decisions with regard to academic and vocational concerns. Relevant decisions in helping the students to determine goals and make choices.

Recognition may be withdrawn for any of the following reasons:
i.  Failure to comply with the regulated administrative procedures for continued recognition.
ii  Failure to carry out activities with decency and good morals.
iii  Engaging in activities detrimental to the interest and integrity of the University and the nation.

Learning Assistant Programmes
Various programmes and activities are designed to create learning experiences, which are for the development of effective reading and study skills. Testing instructions and practices are provided to correct difficulties and to improve the ability to learn and study.

Group Programmes
These afford opportunities to be involved in a variety of experiences in which learning is best facilitated through group participation. They are available throughout the year.

(i)   Wilful damage attracts police action and prosecution.
(ii)  Any form of examination malpractice is punishable by indefinite suspension or expulsion.
(iii Pasting of posters on the walls or defiling the walls in any form is punishable by suspension
(iv) Any act of lawlessness or indiscipline, which includes disobedience, rudeness, assault, violence, irrational behavior, belonging to clandestine association (Cultism) is punishable by rustication.
(v) Holding clandestine meetings or belonging to secret cults or any illegal association is punishable by dismissal 
(vi) No loitering in the school premises.
(vii) No drumming except during ceremonies approved by the University authorities.
(viii)  All agitations or complaints are passed through the Students Welfare Board to the Dean, Students Affairs. 
(ix) No smoking or drinking of alcoholic liquor in the premises of the institution.

Every student must be corporate and decent in his or her mode of dressing. No loose, weird, seductive or provocative mode of dressing. The wearing of waist jeans, mini skirts and short tops or sleeveless tops is not allowed.

The University has a Student Welfare Board which is constituted by the best students drawn from each of the existing Departments. The Board is an Umbrella Union for all the University students. The students express their opinions through their representatives on the Board. This promotes a cordial relationship between Management and the students. No traditional student union.

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